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  • Durable Origami Design

    Built to withstand repeated folding, weather, extended UV exposure

  • Ultra-Portable

    Travel Friendly, compact design that can fit into your backpack or under the front seat of your car

  • Setup Anywhere

    Withstand high winds and setup on uneven ground with an adjustable tripod and versatile mounting system

  • Efficient

    Relies on SunPower solar cells, which are the most reliable cells on the market with a deployed surface area 8X it's folded size

Why Origami and Engineering?

Origami, the art of folding paper into intricate shapes and patterns, provides engineers with techniques to create structures that are ultra-compact, strong and stable, yet light and flexible, which is ideal for applications in space or medical devices.

Our patent-pending origami pattern is compact and space-efficient, with rapidly deployable synchronized panels which makes it ideal for photovoltaic applications.